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  • Walk-in Cooler Installation
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repair
  • Industrial Refrigeration Repair
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  • Walk-in Freezer Repair Vernon
  • Walk-in Cooler Installation Vernon
  • Walk-in Cooler Repair City of Commerce
  • Walk-in Cooler Installation City of Commerce
  • Refrigeration Installation
  • Walk-in Cooler Service
  • Supermarket Refrigeration Repair
  • Display Cases Refrigeration Repair
  • Laboratory & Science Refrigeration
  • Walk-in Freezer Repair
  • Walk-in Freezer Installation

Refrigeration is the process of food and products preservation through the process of heat transfer. In the early stages ice was used to preserve food and products. Today, mechanical Refrigeration is used, that’s why at ICE BEAR INC. our technicians and Engineers go through vigorous mechanical Refrigeration training, that’s why we Los Angeles and surrounding area’s preferred service provider. Mechanical Refrigeration systems comes in different applications, from reach-in Coolers to cold storage coolers and Freezers. Coolers maintain space temperature between 34 and 41 degrees per Health Department requirement. Freezers space temperature varies from 0 degrees to negative 20 and below depending on the application. We service both commercial and industrial Refrigeration systems of different sizes and applications with temperatures from 34 degrees to negative 40 degrees and below.

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