Industrial Heating System

Industrial Heating System

Heating systems consist of the following applications:

Electric heating system

Heat pump

Hydronic heat System

Steam heating System

Gas Furnace Heating System.

Most of the above applications can apply to residential, commercial and industrial utilities but the steam system. Steam Heating System can only be utilized for an industrial application. Steam Heating Systems are very expensive systems and unsafe for residential applications.

Electric Heating Systems are available for mostly residential and commercial applications. System is consist of mainly strips electric heating elements and an air circulating fan. This system runs on the principle of heat exchanging, on a request for heat, the circulating fan is energized and thereafter the heating elements energizes and the fan pulls air from the condition space across the heating elements and back to the space. As the condition space warms the thermostat will circle the system to maintain space temperature.

Heat Pump:

Heat Pump is a mechanical heating system, an Air-Conditioning system with the ability to reverse refrigerant flow. The unique device that changes an Air-Conditioning system into a heating system is a reversing valve. The process of heating begins with an energized reversing valve which changes the direction of the compressor discharge outlet from the condenser to the evaporator then return to the condenser and back to the compressor. As the high pressure and temperature refrigerant circulates through evaporator coil heat is exchanged by space air that circulates between the evaporator and space, heat is thereby introduced to the space. This process continues until the required space temperature is accomplished then the unit will circle.

Hydronic Heating System:

Mostly used for commercial and industrial applications but sometimes used in residential applications. This system is a hot water circulating unit with a Boiler, hot water circulating pump, Air Handler or fan coil unit. The Boiler heats the water to a required temperature while the circulating pump is in operation. The pump circulates hot water between the Boiler and Air Handler or Fan Coil Unit, in the air handler heat is exchanged from the circulating hot water to the circulating space air and the water is returned back to the Boiler to be reheated. The hot water pump runs continuously during heating request or operation but the Boiler will circulate as the space temperature is meant.

Gas Furnace Heating System:

This system is commonly used for residential and commercial heating. The system consists of heat exchanger, inducer fan, gas valve, gas burners, fan and fan motor. The gas furnace unit utilizes the same heat exchanging process like the other systems previously described. Upon request for heat, the furnace inducer fan is energized then when the fan is proofed by a pressure switch, the igniter is energized, after the is igniter is proofed the gas valve is energized and the burner is ignite and start heating the heat exchanger. At a preset temperature a thermal switch then energizes the furnace circulating fan motor and the process of heat exchanging begins and heat is introduced to the space. This process will continue until space preset temperature is reached. So if you are looking for a company with the knowledge to repair, install and replace your heating system, ICE BEAR INC is the company to call.

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