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Industrial Cooling Tower

Industrial Cooling Tower

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Cooling Towers are an essential equipment for water cool HVAC, Refrigeration and Chiller systems. They help extract heat from heat generating equipments. The heat removal process is accomplished by circulating water through HVAC and chiller systems heat exchanger then return the water to the Cooling Tower for the water to be cooled. The close loop Cooling Tower consist of circulating coil, water spray pump, circulating water pump, float valve and fan motor. Each of these components helps the Cooling Tower meet its design intent and when any one of these components fails, it could mean facility or production shutdown. For a manufacturing facilities with Cooling Tower, a failed one can cause production backlog, unable to meet deadlines and above all production cost overruns.

For the above reasons we recommend periodic/Preventive maintenance for Cooling Towers. A good understanding of how this system works helps our trained technicians and engineers provide excellent equipment selection, repair, installation and service that are warranted. For a dependable, same day 24 hours service call us today.

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