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Since 1994, ICE BEAR INC. technicians and support staffs have been performing regular and complex HVAC, Air Conditioning & A/C repairs, maintenance and installations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our highly trained staffs are on standby for all of your service needs. The process of Air-Conditioning: includes conditioning air, dehumidification, humidification and ventilation, all of these processes must be accompanied to have a good working and efficient system.

Air-Conditioning/HVAC systems are very diverse in applications. Some of the systems applications includes:

Residential Air Conditioning and Heating:

Which provides residential heating and cooling, and the most basic application and system controls. A good understanding of these systems helps to understand the process of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

commercial HVAC:

Follows the same basic principles of HVAC system but with ventilation added. These systems are meant to provide comfort cooling, heating and ventilation to dilute contaminants for office buildings, high rise buildings and retail spaces.

Industrial HVAC

The industrial systems are mostly built up units that provides same services as the Commercial system but on a bigger scale with more complex controls. These units serve institutions like universities, Prisons and stadiums.

Data Centers Air-Conditioning

These are more complex systems that provides equipment cooling, but most of all control humidity in the center. Most electronics equipment can not operate under high temperatures and humidity so these systems are designed for critical operations. They operate 24/7 with standby units in some cases.

Data/computer Room Air-Conditioning: Computer room Air-conditioners are in operation 24 hours, 7 days a week. They are the small versions of the Data Centers Air-Conditioners with same complex controls to maintain temperature and humidity.

Hydronic Cooling Systems:

The process of cooling and heating with liquid is called Hydronic. The commonly used liquid for these systems is water, some equipment cooling systems uses oil. Hydronic cooling applications are used for residential, commercial and Industrial systems. These systems are multiple equipments configured to make up a hydronic cooling system. The following are some equipments that make up hydronic cooling system: Chiller, Chilled water pump and Heat Exchanger, then zone units which includes Fan coil units and Air Handling units for space cooling. For Machinery’s cooling, chilled water or oil is circulated between the Chiller Heat Exchanger and the Machine’s internal Heat Exchanger. Piping: the bridge between the Chiller system and the Air Handling unit or Machines Heat Exchanger is the piping. The chilled water pump uses the pipe circuit to circulate chilled water between the Air Handling unit and the Chiller system. One of the advantages of using this application is the ability to vary the chilled liquid or water supply temperature to accomplish the design intent. So if you’re looking for a company with an excellent knowledge and expertise to service, repair and installation of your Hydronic systems, call ICE BEAR INC now.

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